Financial Seminar PowerPoint Presentation

In this hour-long multimedia presentation, Larry Klein walks you through the most important aspects of successful seminar presentations. Recommended for high-speed internet connections and Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.

Note that while it’s not essential to use PowerPoint, unless you are a polished speaker, you want audio-visual assistance. Using overheads or a flip chart looks cheap and unprofessional. DO NOT use PowerPoint to put a bunch of words on each slideā€”use the slides for charts, tables graphics and illustrations. If you only have a few such illustrations, then only have a few slides. You can have 6 slides or 36 slides for a 75-minute presentation; do not get hung up on the number of PowerPoint slides you have. Likewise, keep flashy transitions and un-needed effects out of your presentation to avoid looking “gimmicky.”

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