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What’s the difference between a great and poor seminar invitation? Below we use an example of a financial advisor who seeks to attract seniors to his financial seminar. Follow the concepts as they apply equally to any profession for success when targeting a specific audience.

Poor Seminar Invitation

If Mrs. Smith receives a seminar invitation titled “All About Annuities—how to save taxes and gain safety,” it is obvious this is your agenda to sell annuities. I understand that you think this is her agenda because the annuity is a tool that helps her get what she wants (e.g. reduced taxes and safety). Surgery is also a tool that helps you get what you want (good health), but do you have a desire for surgery?

Your potential attendees want the payoff—they don’t want involvement with the means, the tool or the service that produces the payoff. So your seminar invitation must address their agenda.

Mrs. Smith will not attend your financial seminar because:

  1. She is not interested in your sales pitch and your financial seminar invitation screams “sales pitch”
  2. She does not want to feel pressured
  3. She is not interested in what a sales person says
  4. She is interested in insight, not merely product information
  5. She does not want an annuity (she doesn’t even know what it is)

Great Seminar Invitation

Now let’s suppose you send a different financial seminar invitation. This one is titled “Six Ways Retirees Can Cut Taxes Now.” The seminar invitation lists these topics to be discussed:

  • How to reduce or eliminate tax on social security income
  • The two assets held by many retirees that can be double taxed (and how to avoid it)
  • Why some retirees pay excess taxes by having the wrong investment in their IRA
  • How it’s possible to get an 8% payout on your principal without risk to capital
  • The government’s offer to subsidize the cost of heath protection yet few retirees use
  • How to be sure that your spouse or children have the financial resources to make them secure when you’re gone

Every one of the above topics can include use of an annuity but annuities are not mentioned, because buying an annuity is not part of the prospect’s agenda. If you want prospects to attend a financial seminar or respond to any seminar invitation, your offer must be 100% about their agenda and 0% about your agenda. Notice that every topic above is about the payoff and does not mention the means to get the payoff.

Seminar Invitation Title

Once you have the right list to invite, you need to develop a winning financial seminar invitation to attract attendees. A winning seminar invitation has these three components:

  • An emotionally grabbing seminar title
  • Emotionally compelling specific bullet points
  • Biography of a speaker that attendees want to hear

To develop a great financial seminar invitation title, you need to know how your target audience thinks. You cannot assume that your market thinks like you do. If you’re 40 years old, you probably think that statistics are important. You have been raised in a technical age of facts and figures and you think the fact that “43% of people over age 65 are likely to have a long term care need” is a compelling tidbit. But your target audience will not be motivated by your sacred statistic. People age 65+ are concerned about:

  • Losing their independence
  • Avoiding a nursing home
  • Protecting their assets

Therefore, your statistic-emphasizing seminar invitation title “43% of People Over Age 65 Will Need Long Term Care ServicesDon’t Be Caught Unprotected” will get significantly lower response than these titles:

  • “Attention Retirees: Never Go to a Nursing HomeHow to Maintain Your Financial Independence at Any Age”
  • “90% of Retirees Have Inadequate Health CoverageIllnesses Your HMO, Medicare and Health Insurance Do Not Cover”
  • “Asset Protection-Three Steps to Preserving Your Assets, Health and Financial Independence”

Since people age 65+ are generally motivated more by fear than opportunity, these seminar invitation titles will have a higher attraction value.

Seminar Invitation Bullet Points

While a strong financial seminar invitation title will capture your reader’s attention, the bullet points sell your prospect on attending the seminar. The more compelling your bullet points, the larger your seminar audience.

Each bullet point on your seminar invitation captures a “sub-group.” While all of your prospects should be from a qualified list, as discussed above, there are sub-groups with distinct concerns within the list.

For example, some seniors may have a concern about long-term care and are interested in knowing about insurance. Others don’t want to think about it. Others know that long-term healthcare needs are a reality, but they think they are personally immune. Others don’t want to be a burden to their children. Bullet points can help capture each of these sub-groups.

Consider these bullet points below your financial seminar invitation title:

  • Six Ways to Reduce the Cost of Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Does Any Really Need Long Term Care Protection, Or Is It Just Hype?
  • One Million People Will Enter a Nursing Home This YearHere’s How To Make Sure You’re Not One of Them
  • Protect Your AssetsHow the Federal Medicaid Program Can Force You into Poverty
  • Asset Protection4 Ways To Protect Your Assets from Financial and Health Catastrophe
  • How Bill Smith, Age 43, Could Have Avoided Bankruptcy While Paying His Mother’s Nursing Care Expenses

The more relevant seminar invitation bullet points you have, the more sub-groups you will capture, the larger your seminar attendance. I typically include six bullet points on my seminar invitation under the seminar title.

How can you learn to write bullet points like this? It will take some study, but some excellent references are:

  • The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy and
  • Words That Bring You Riches by Ted Nicholas

Your Seminar Invitation Biography

The last item of a winning seminar invitation is your biography and picture.

Here are some rules for a good biography:

  • Don’t start off with your title and broker dealer or insurance company
  • Bad: Joe Jones is a registered representative with ABC Financial Services
  • Leave your accomplishments and credentials to the second half of the biography. Use the first half to tell the reader what you can do for them and why they should come to see you.
  • Always close your biography with an item of personal interest (e.g. where you live, about your spouse, your kids, etc).
  • Never talk about the fact that you have clients. Your biography is not a sales tool.
  • Do not talk about your ethics (e.g. Joe believes in treating his clients the same as he would his own parents).

Be specific by quantifying what you represent.

Add a photo to your seminar invitation

Add a professional business photographa torso shot. A picture with the spouse, dog and kids is inappropriate as is a picture where you are smiling like you won the lottery. You want to portray a smart financial professional with your photo.

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