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Client prospecting does not need to consume 90% of your time. With financial seminars, you will spend 90% of your time in appointments and only 10% of your time doing financial marketing.

Seminar Invitation Printing

Full Page Design


The big advantage of a full-page design is that you can say more. In the world of marketing, if your copy is good, "the more you tell, the more you sell." On a full page, you can really convey the importance of why the seminar invitation recipient must come to your presentation. You have sufficient room to have catchy and compelling bullet points, graphics, your photo and biography and make a first class best attempt at gaining attendance.

Seminar Invitation
Additionally, 20 years of direct mail tests by "Inside Direct Mail" (the #1 researcher of direct mail results) shows that items in envelopes will outperform self-mailers (postcards, tri-folds, etc.)

We can format similar invitations for any professional seeking to target any audience. However, please understand that the invitations below have been tested, re-tested and optimized. If we provide our seminar invitation system for you, you will need to supply all text.

We already have tested and proven invitations for investment and insurance professionals:

  • Annuity seminar
  • Long-term care seminar
  • Senior seminar for comprehensive financial planners
  • Estate planning seminar
  • IRA Distribution Planning

View Instructions to start your full page seminar invitation printing process

If you are an NASD licensee, see "Why NASD licensees want to use postcards"

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