Instructions for Ordering

Here are the steps to get your invitations:

1. Get a professional picture taken or use an existing one, and have it digitized (simply take the photo to Kinkos and tell them to make you a 3″ tall by 2″ wide, TIFF or JPG or GIF format at a minimum of 300 DPI.)
IMPORTANT: You MUST have your picture ready to upload before filling out our creation form. Do not upload a photo in any format other than TIFF, JPG, or GIF; we will not be able to process your order. More Information…

2. We prepare your invitation More Information…

3. Wait 2 to 7 days for a proof to be faxed to you More Information…

Sign the cover sheet faxed with the proof and
fax it to: 925-935-0634
: More Information…

Your invitations will arrive no later than 10 days prior to your
seminar date: More Information…

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Above Steps complete?

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