Our Seminar Invitation Service Attendance Guarantee

We are committed to your success — if we don’t perform for you, you don’t pay.

If you don’t get at least .5% response (e.g. 15 reservations from 3000 invitations), you pay us nothing (post office must still be paid for postage). Limited to the first 12 orders per month and for those who have not used the NF Communications seminar invitation service in the past 6 months.

Place any size order and this guarantee applies to the first 3,000 pieces. Reservation phone service included. We will assign you a voice mail box (included with your invitation service) to receive your seminar reservations. You will be able to see progress on line at a web page address we will assign you after we receive your invitation order.

You MUST use the link below to be elligible for the attendance guarantee.

With the guaranteed seminar invitation service, we provide you with a toll free phone number that you MUST use for your RSVPs. We will send you and email with that phone number so you can track your reservations as they come in.

Click Here to order and activate this guarantee