Converting Seminar Attendees to Appointments


How to Set Appointments With 65% of Attendees Right At Your Seminar

In prior articles, I have addressed filling up the seminar room. In those articles, I solve the most frequent problem of financial professionals, getting adequate seminar attendance.

In this article, let’s discuss appointment setting with your seminar attendees.

My specialty is in dealing with people age 60 and over (they’re the ones with money). In motivating this audience to set appointments, you need to understand their emotional hot buttons and you also need to remove their potential objections.

I use this general outline at the close of the seminar as the crux of my appointment setting process:

I announce that I need a small favor from them. I need them to complete the evaluation form they received at the beginning of the seminar (and without taking a breath) and that the evaluation form is also their lottery ticket today.

Let’s face it, most people could care less about filling out evaluation forms, so I give them a reason to do so. They can win something by completing and returning the form. If your appointment setting process is to be successful, there’s got to be a payoff for the attendee to participate.

My evaluation form gets them warmed up with some specific questions before I offer them the opportunity to set the appointment with me. I never ask for an appointment, rather, I give them the opportunity to request an appointment. This may seem like semantics, but this approach is far more powerful. With the right wording, you will be in the control position if they request the appointment of you, rather than you requesting (begging for) an appointment with them. As a result, people who request the appointment keep it. If you request the appointment of the attendee, you will have large fallout and many will not show up. (if you have this problem, get this CD on ending your appointment cancellations).

To further solidify the appointment, the attendees select an appointment time and date right on the evaluation form! Why leave this open and try and nail it down the next day? Or worse, if you can’t get the attendee on the phone the next day, your chance of ever having an appointment will fall precipitously. If you don’t have a structured appointment setting process to secure a time and date right there, you’re sunk.

Attendees sign up for the appointment with me because I promise two things:

1. I will make no attempt to sell them anything at that appointment.

2. I will show them at least one significant financial mistake they are making and not even aware of.

As a result, I ask for and get 100% of the appointments to bring in their list of investments and tax return.

Do you think you could do business with someone who comes to your office with their list of investments and tax return and wants to hear what you have to say? This method of doing seminars and appointment setting right at the seminar is so successful, I can’t imagine why any professional would ever make cold calls!

By the way, to end the seminar, I collect and shuffle up the evaluation forms and select a winner. The winner receives a free copy of my book, Retirement Investing!

Using the techniques outlined in these articles, I get 10-20 new appointments every month, in my office with qualified prospects.