About Us

WealthyProducer, Inc. designs, tests and provides marketing systems that allow stockbrokers, financial planners and life insurance agents to quickly attract and service affluent senior clients. Why seniors? People age 60+ control 77% of U.S. wealth. For any financial advisor seeking to gather assets, seniors are the number one market. Seniors not only control more assets, their holdings of stocks and mutual funds are 900% greater than people under age 35 and they continue to be the largest net-savers of any other age group.

Unlike many un-tested marketing ideas developed in the marketing departments at financial institutions, the marketing systems we provide are all tested and proven in real financial planning practices before being offered. Each system is refined until it provides the planner a 10-to-1 return on the dollars invested using our system. For example, our seminar system requires an expenditure of $2,000 per seminar. And the planner can expect to earn at least 10 times that amount, at least $20,000 from each seminar. Once we sell a system, our support system is continuous. Our system owners receive monthly updates and tips to enhance their profitable use of the system. Additionally, we hold free consulting calls each week so that system owners can obtain live coaching to increase their results. Unlike other marketing systems that planners buy and then it’s “Good Luck,” we do everything possible to ensure the planner’s continuing success. We guarantee that the planner is happy with the system results after following the instructions or we provide a refund within 90 days (see refund provision for details).

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