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Financial Seminar Marketing for stockbrokers, financial planners, insurance agents, CPAs, attorneys, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and investment advisors. This site is the single best education you can get on the Internet about holding and conducting financial planning seminars, investment seminars, insurance seminars, estate planning seminars and gaining clients with any type of financial seminar.

You can learn the six factors of financial seminar marketing and will see why so many seminars fail. Once you learn the winning formula (the issues about seminar invitations, who to invite, the topics), you will need no other client prospecting to fill your appointment book. If you seek to gather assets, you can easily gain $1 million per financial seminar and do each seminar for under $2,500, total cost.

If you seek to sell annuities only, expect to gather $250,000 per seminar. The reason financial seminars are the most effective form of financial advisor marketing is due to the volume of prospects you can meet in 90 minutes. Any type of tax seminar, financial planning seminar, insurance prospecting seminar or investment seminar will work when you have an emotionally-compelling seminar invitation sent to the right targeted audience with a great financial seminar title.

Client prospecting does not need to consume 90% of your time. With financial seminars, you will spend 90% of your time in appointments and only 10% of your time doing financial marketing. And you will have the ability to attract better quality clients by using direct mail to invite people from a qualified list. Having success with financial advisor seminars is not an art—it’s a science that you can easily learn to master and rapidly increase your income and clientele.

Here’s a sample of what you will learn here:

  • who are the best people to invite to financial seminars,
  • the best times of day and days of week for an investment seminar or insurance seminar,
  • the best location for any type of financial seminar,
  • how to better penetrate your market by rotating topics among financial seminars,
  • why you do not need to serve a meal at any financial seminar,
  • how to set appointments right at your financial seminar
  • how to have those appointments “stick”,
  • multi-session vs. single session financial seminars,
  • pros and cons of direct mail,
  • telemarketing and newspaper advertising for financial seminars,
  • and every other possible detail you would ever like to know about client prospecting with financial seminars.

It’s best that you never hold a product marketing seminar but stick to concepts, as you will learn here.

Six Factors of Seminar Success

Seminar Marketing Articles
These articles delve into the nitty-gritty do’s and don’ts of advisor marketing with investment and financial seminars.